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Sherrod Village

Frances Seaberry Artis died in 1878, Adam Artis was left with no fewer than 11 children under the age of 18. Despite this brood, his relative wealth made him an attractive widower. He soon remarried, and he didn’t have to go far to do it. In November 1880, less than a year after his daughter Louvicey (from his first wife) wed John W. Aldridge, Adam Artis married John’s sister, Amanda Aldridge.

Louvette Artis – Born 1881 died at a young age. No record of marriage.

Robert Artis – Bom 1883, was a farmer in the Pikeville area of Northern Wayne Co. He married 3x’s. Christiana Simmons, Malinda Applewhite, and Amanda Long. His children included: Eva Mac, Robert Arzelle, Mable Irenc, Challic. Adam. Edgar Lec, Etta Christine, Georgia, Nor, and Maggie Artis

Columbus Estelle Artis – Born 1886 (Nicknamed C. E.). He operated a funeral home for 30 years in Wilson NC. He married twice Ada Diana Adams & Ruby Barber and had at least (I child) Naomi

June Scott Artis – Born I889, farmed in Stantonsburg area of Wilson Co., not far from his father’s land near Eureka, Wayne Co. He married Ethel Pearl Becton and had 4 children:

James Brody Artis, Edgar Joel Artis, Amanda Bell Artis Jones, and Glady’s L. Artis. June died in June 1973, less than 3 months after his brother C.E.

Lillie Beatrice Artis – Born 1891. Married 3x’s in her short life to Celebus Thompson, MeDaniel Whitley, and Chester Pridgen. Her children included: Genetta Thompson, Wheeler Thompson, Columbus Whitley, Sampson Whitley, Floyd Whitley, Walter Whitley, Robert Whitley, William Jesse Whitley, Wilhelmena Pridgen, and Mildred Beatrice Pridgen. Lillie died in 1935 of heart issues complicated by pregnancy.

Henry J.B. Artis – Born 1894. He married Larina House. His children were: Lillie Odessia Artis Baker, Julius House Artis, Roosevelt Artis, Columbus Estelle Artis, Henry J.B. Artis, Esther artis Bunch, Jesse Artis, Mac I. Artis, Dorena Artis and James Lacey Artis. J.B. too died in 1973, a month before his brother C.E.

Annie Deliah Artis –┬áBorn 1887. Married 2x’s. Wiley Hodges, and William Sauls. No children were recorded. She died in 1959.

John and Louvincey Artis Aldridge (daughter by Adam’s first wife) the child’s (Amanda Artis) uncle in one direction and half-sister in another, took in the infant to raise with their family.

Amanda ” Alberta” Artis married James W. Cooper. Their children included: Willard, George, Marilyn, Larzine, Alberta, and Lillie. Alberta died in 1985.

Amanda Aldridge Artis (The mother) died a few years after the birth of Amanda ” Alberta’ Artis in 1899. Josephine Artis, then about 12 years old, discovered her mother’s lifeless body. Josephine Artis Sherrod was matriarch of a tight-knit family centered on two blocks of Viola Street described within the family as Sherrod Village.

Josephine Sherrod was born in Wayne Co, NC on May 13, 1887.

On April 16, 1907 Solomon Sherrod, 28, son of Dempsey and Harriet Sherrod, married Josephine Artis, 20, daughter of Adam and Amanda Artis at A.T. Artis in Nahunta township, Wayne County. J.H.W. Sherrod of Pikeville, J.B. Best of Saulston, and Louis Sherrod of Pikeville were the witnesses.

Josephine Artis Sherrod and Solomon Canton Sherrod had 12 children, 11 by Josephine.

Their children included: Jarvis Sherrod, Doretta Sherrod, Leonard Sherrod, Minnie Bell Sherrod, Solomon Jr Sherrod, Harriet Sherrod, Flora Sherrod, Beulah Sherrod, Amanda Sherrod, Elmer Sherrod, Alliner Sherrod, and Booker T. Sherrod.

Josephine Artis Sherrod was the longest and last living of all Adam’s children.